How do I Register as a Player?

Donor Support Mar-2nd, 2019 22:30 5 0

1. Select "Register" on the event page.

2. Click on "Join a Team"

3. Search for your Team or Click on your team name on the list

4A. Click on the + next to "Player Registration with Game Jersey"

4B. If you are registering for  the Veterans and Activity Duty game, click on the + next to "Veterans Game ONLY"

5. Click on "Continue" on the bottom right of the webpage

6. Complete this page with the Players Information

7. Click on "Next" on the bottom right of the webpage

8. If you would like to leave an additional donation, fill out the form, if not, select "Skip Donation"

9. Complete this page with the Billing Contact's information

10. Click on "Purchase" in the bottom right hand of the webpage.


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