How do I register my team?

To register your team, it takes 10 simple steps.

1. Select "Register" on the event page.

2. Select "Me" 

3. Fill out all of your information and then choose "Team Registration" or "Dual-Slot Registration"

Choose Team Registration if you are registering a team to be scheduled to play against another team. Choose Dual-Slot Registration if you DO NOT want to play another team and will be utilizing the entire field. 

4. Complete the Waiver

5. Complete the Registration Questions

6. Create your Team/Team Fundraiser

7. Review all of your information and confirm your registration.

8. Enter your card details and complete the billing information. 

You will receive a confirmation email from our registration partner, RunSignup.

They will also send you your team fundraising page details.

**Remember, all your players MUST register and join your team during the registration process!  

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