Types of Registration

Player Registration

Player registration is for anyone who already has a team and would like to register to play with that team. To register as a player there is no minimum donation, but to be able to play at the event the team you are playing with must raise a minimum of $750.

Team Registration

Team registration is for someone who would like to form a team to play at one of our events. This is usually done by a team's Coach or Captain. With the registration type, there is a minimum donation of $100. This is included in the minimum fundraising goal of $750 to be able to play at Shootout for Soldier's events.

Dual Slot Registration

Dual slot registration is when a team will fill both the Stars and Stripes of a given hour. You can register for a "Dual Slot" - which is a minimum of a $1,500 fundraising goal ($750 for Stars + $750 for Stripes). This is typically used for father-son games, mother-daughter, or alumni hours. Last year, a boys and girls high school team did a "stick swap" game during the full hour. It's all about fun and a Dual Slot registration is a perfect way to block out the time to try something new.

Veterans Game

Veterans Game registration is open to any veteran or active duty military member who would like to play in the Veterans / Active Duty Game at the beginning of each event. This registration is to be used ONLY for registering for this game. If the veteran / active duty member wants to play in this game in addition to another game, the veteran / active duty member MUST register for the other team separately.

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